10 ways to clean up your diet (7/10): Reconsider your carbs

June 24, 2015

Rye bread – a better carb source

‘White’, refined carbs such as white bread, rice and pasta, cous cous (a form of pasta) and white potatoes provide little in the way of fibre, protein or nutrients. They also cause your insulin levels to spike and your energy levels to crash.

Complex carbs such as whole grains (buckwheat, quinoa, bulgur, oats, spelt), brown rice, pulses and sweet potatoes have more in the way of goodness, and release energy slowly so keep you fuller for longer. Your body will thank you for them – especially after a gym session.

Try… Bulgur or buckwheat as a replacement to white rice with curries, wholewheat soba noodles with stir-fries or in soups, pancakes made with oats, or sweet potato mash or chips to serve with meat and fish.

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