10 ways to clean up your diet (9/10): Avoid alcohol

July 19, 2015

Soda and lime water

Soda and lime water

There’s no doubt that alcohol can hinder your healthy efforts.

Aside from the sugary mixers and fruit juices that add heaps to your calorie intake, and the late night food binges associated with drinking, experts say that alcohol can slow down your body’s fat burning process. So if you’re serious about cleaning up your diet, then you’ll want to keep a check on your alcohol consumption.

The ‘cleanest’ drink choices, say nutritionists, are prosecco/champagne and dry wines, followed by clear spirits – vodka and gin. Beware the mixers. Tonic water is just as sugary as lemonade and diet drinks are just as unhealthy due to their artificial sweetener content. Try clear spirits with soda water and wedges of lemon/lime instead.

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