5 foods a personal trainer can’t live without

April 27, 2016

Personal trainer Anna Reich

Personal trainer Anna Reich

We’re fascinated by the diets of some of the most disciplined eaters out there, like personal trainers. It’s not that we want to copy their habits (we’re not exercising for a living, after all), but we’re super inspired by their motivation and the way they’re in tune with their bodies. So we spoke to our fitness expert Anna Reich, to get some insight into her favourite foods…

‘The following foods cater to my need to build lean muscle, and have the right amount of calories/energy to get the most out of my training – and life around it too.

  1. Porridge: People have written papers on the health benefits of oats, but in a nutshell: they are packed with fibre and minerals, help lower cholesterol, and if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, they’ll help keep you fuller for longer (thanks to being low GI) and thus away from the snack drawer. At the moment, I’m training hard for competition and it’s quite nippy outside still, so porridge is my favourite way to start the day. Its slow-release energy and mild taste means I can pimp it up in a variety of ways each morning. I love blueberries, Greek yogurt / natural yogurt, cinnamon, chocolate whey protein and almonds.
  2. Eggs: One of the best and cheapest sources of protein, packed full of vitamins and minerals. A lot of the goodness and protein is in the egg white, so I tend to only use one whole egg and two whites if I make an omelette for example.
  3. Chocolate whey protein isolate: If I didn’t have this, I would eat too much chocolate and cake. Plus, I train heavily all week and need a supplement to maintain and promote muscle growth. I could eat (yet) another meal but sometimes I’m just too full or time is short, so a protein shake or a bit of yogurt with this magic stuff stirred in is spot on.
  4. Cottage cheese: Rich in casein protein which is an especially good type of protein to enjoy before bed because it’s very slow digesting so prevents your muscles from being used as an energy while you’re fasting through the night. I love it because it can be a savoury or sweet treat (if mixed with chocolate protein powder for example. My favourite thing. Ever).
  5. Chocolate: For my sanity. I like milk, but I eat dark. Truth.’

– By personal trainer Anna Reich. Find more from Anna here

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