10 ways to clean up your diet (2/10): Think outside the cereal box

May 20, 2015

Sweet blueberry omelette recipe

Sweet blueberry omelette

Yes, they’re convenient and quick, and we’re used to having them for breakfast because clever advertising people told us that this was breakfast. But even the so-called ‘healthy’ cereals are rarely free from sugar and other nasties. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Breakfast can be one of the hardest meals to change as often we’ve eaten cereal or toast from childhood. But there are so many delicious options to be discovered, that will give you the best start to your day. Turn to foods that are rich in protein and essential fats, and quality carbs that will release slowly to keep you going throughout the morning and keep your concentration levels up.

Try eggs and avocado, homemade smoothies, or porridge topped with fruit and nut butters. Don’t dismiss vegetables at breakfast – they taste delicious first thing in a the morning! Check out our breakfast ideas here.

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