8 healthy snacks to satisfy a sweet tooth

June 14, 2015

Healthy sweet snack recipes

Healthy sweet snacks: Our berry granola bites

Craving something sweet? It definitely pays to understand why you’re thinking about sugar (tiredness, boredom, habit) so you can start to make changes to your lifestyle/diet and rely on it less. But for those times when you don’t even wanna question it, just make a smarter choice instead. Here are the top snacks that work for us.

  1. A couple of Medjool dates (we rate Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference) with a little almond or peanut butter spread on top
  2. Greek or natural yogurt with some fresh or frozen raspberries stirred in
  3. Frozen slices of banana or frozen berries (cherries are particularly good)
  4. A homemade matcha green tea latte with organic dairy milk or almond milk
  5. Half a small avocado (it sounds bizarre, but experts say good fats help to control blood sugar levels – and we agree)
  6. A fresh lemon, ginger and honey tea
  7. Greek or natural yogurt with half scoop unflavoured whey protein powder stirred in and 1 tbsp cocoa powder/raw cacao powder
  8. An apple, sliced, with a little almond or cashew butter spread on top

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