10 ways to clean up your diet (3/10): Ditch sugary drinks

May 26, 2015

beetroot carrot juice

Healthy choice: Beetroot, carrot and celery juice

No messing here. Fizzy drinks (full fat AND diet), sugary juices and packaged smoothies won’t give your body anything it needs – just empty calories, a whole bunch of additives and artificial sweeteners and/or heaps of sugar. Ok, some may provide actual fruit and some vitamins – but it’s far healthier and cleaner to make your own.

Herbal teas (green, white, rooibos, peppermint, camomile, rosehip), water, fresh veggie juices and homemade smoothies are liquids your body will love.

A smoothie or veggie juice is great for breakfast, while herbal teas and water should be drunk frequently throughout the day to keep hydration levels up. Check out more of our smoothie recipes here.

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